I updated the tutorials page on Rince go Bragh.  I think it’s worth checking out for these reasons:

  1. Wig tutorials (new wig up a pixie cut included)
  2. Make up tutorial
  3. The official USAG warm up my coach brought back from the Karolyi’s training camp because she is one of the training camp staff and she wanted her gymnasts to warm up safely.
  4. Poodle sock crafts, ranging from easy to wtf why did I do dis
  5. Irish Dance Magazine upcycle
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Train Like a Beast Look Like a Beauty Workout

So this video is kind of cheesy, but it was my favorite of my workouts today because of the fast paced-ness of the video.

I am proud of myself because I didn’t stop at all (though, I did have to modify a few exercise because of my injury)! Can you say the same?

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Another video for throwback Thursday featuring my dorm room from freshman year of college!

I think these are the first two slip jig steps I learned, and I’m pretty sure this video was taken four months into my dancing career, just before I started competing.

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Transformation Tuesday.  2008—>2014

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MY FIRST TIME (Irish Dance Edition)
  • 1. What was your first dance class like?
  • 2. What was the first dance you learned?
  • 3. Who was your first teacher?
  • 4. Who was your first best friend?
  • 5. How did you do at your first feis?
  • 6. Describe your first costume.
  • 7. What was the first thing you bought from the vendors?
  • 8. What was the title of your first dance CD?
  • 9. How old were you when you got your first solo costume?
  • 10. Describe your first solo costume.
  • 11. What was the first feis you traveled out of state for?
  • 12. Where was the first feis you won a championship?
  • 13. How old were you when you attended your first major?
  • 14. Who was your first Irish Dance crush?
  • 15. How old were you when you first fell in love with the dance world?
  • Drop me a number and I'll send one right back! Happy weekend!

Anonymous asked: "rinceforever"


But really, she’s my best feis friend, gives great advice (and birthday presents!), and one of the most tenacious people I know. I want her to kick the ass of her projected recovery time and come back super strong so we can drink cider and play Cards Against Humanity after feises and majors. 

You’re the best. I will bring Cards to the O. We can play whether I dance or not. ♥

Throwback to my reel four years ago, from a school that’s now closed.  I was in novice or prizewinner at the time.  It’s adorkably painful to watch.

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Anonymous asked: ""I know that it seems most dancers, especially on tumblr, look at solo accomplishments and placements as the only real validation of your success in this sport." I love this! I know you were answering about teams specifically but as someone who cares more about performances than competing this is helpful in feeling valid"

Im glad to help, Nonny. There was a point when I first started dancing in which I didn’t want to compete, but instead, only to dance for my personal fulfillment and and performances I was invited to attend. My goals and achievements have changed over time, but that is because I personally felt they should.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve become a firm believer in do what makes you happy, and don’t listen to what others say. Except sometimes for advice. But even then, do what’s best for you.

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I know I’ve been posting many different things about my surgery recovery here, but the newest post on Rince go Bragh includes pictures of what I’ve been doing.

Most importantly in good news: I am weaning myself off crutches and I will be starting physical therapy tomorrow! (A week ahead of schedule!)

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bythelightofradium asked: "(Hoping to alleviate post-surgery boredom with this) If you could do any set dance at any speed, what would it be and what things would you put in it?"

I really, really love the tune for King of the Fairies, and I also love hornpipe rhythms, so definitely that, and definitely not at those ridiculous slow speeds because ew, no.  King of the Fairies at probably 110.

I would want things in it that can disguise my ahem turnout issues. Also sassy moves where you drag you foot from behind in to the front.  Toe work because I like that.  Simple and effective rhythm elements.  NO DOUBLE CLICKS oh god no.  But some front clicks because I have good flexibility.

Basically, if I was allowed to take the set I just learned (Downfall) and do it to KoF, life would be wonderful.  I really like my new Downfall, and both those sets have the same number of bars, but adding another set to the list of sets at dance class might make one of my TCs head explode because there are many different sets already.

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Old school Irish dance.


Old school Irish dance.

Wow, you guys seemed to really like the video I posted yesterday, so here’s a different one from today’s workout!

Try this challenge! You work your core, and also your arms and stuff you you can have strong arms in your ceilis.

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