One of my dear dance friends got married last month. She taught her husband how to dance just for this.

It’s completely adorable.

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Baltimore Comic Con 2014 Costume Contest Ladies Cosplay, Irish dancing Captain America is at 6:39 #priorities

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Highlights from the Baltimore Comic Con Women’s Costume Contest because I haven’t posted enough things about Irish dancing Captain America yet.

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Why don’t we do hard shoe to slip jigs anymore?

stillwaitingforaliens asked: "Do you have any tips for keeping in practice, improving, and/or cross training? I started dancing almost five years ago through a rec center class, even made my college's ID team, but now I've moved and the nearest school is FOUR HOURS away. Needless to say, I've been going stir crazy, dancing incessantly everywhere (including the library), and driving my parents nuts."

Sorry it took so long for me to get to this! I wanted to wait until I was at my computer to type a good response.

I know that dancing on your own can be difficult, especially in the motivation department. If you can, dedicate a night or two a week to practice the steps you already know. Learn traditional sets through YouTube. Make up your own little performances. Since it’s on your time, don’t feel like it has to be formal, or even a long practice! 20 minutes will do sometimes.

For cross training, I highly recommend Blogilates. She’s got hundreds of workout videos on YouTube, and a free monthly workout plan on her website. You can seriously do her workouts anywhere—I didn’t skip a day when I was on vacation in Michigan!

There are also a lot of ballet technique videos on YouTube (turn out, toe point, etc.). Going through some of those may be beneficial to improving your technique.

My biggest advice is keep in the Irish dance world somehow. A great place to start is the ID community here on tumblr. Ask us questions about anything, browse through our tag, and I’m sure you’ll stay motivated somehow!

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Irish dancing Captain America. #baltimorecomiccon #bcc2014 #irishdance #captainamerica

Irish dancing Captain America, yes please, about 1:10 into the video. But it’s short, so watch the whole thing!

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cozcat asked: "Will we be getting a video of your skit from today? :D"

My boyfriend took a video from a bit away in the hall that I’ll hopefully upload after work today!

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something-unheard-of asked: "So I was the cosplayer right after you in the costume contest (yellow dress and cat ears) and you completely blew me away with your irish step dancing :))) and then i was like, "crap now i have to follow that costume AND performance?!" I really loved all the detailing put into your costume and you were just plain freaking adorable, great job! <3"

I’m so sorry you had to follow me! I couldn’t call myself Irish dancing Captain America and not demonstrate after all.

Thank you for your kind words!

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I’m doing it guys. I’m about to wear my Captain America solo dress at a comic con and also enter a costume contest.

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Anonymous asked: "CONGRATZ"

Thank you, Nonny

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Anonymous asked: "HOW do you even manage doing solos and teams in the same day omg"

Lots of Red Bull and patience. Other than that, I haven’t a clue.

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Anonymous asked: "Are Maple teams super difficult to get on?"

For us champ dancers, not really. We’re expected to do teams if we’re doing solos at the Oireachtas. Which is really fun if you’re in the u18 age groups and older because teams and solos are the same day.

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Anonymous asked: "Are you on Oireachts teams? Can you do solos or no? Hope your injury is progressing well."

We haven’t started classes for the fall yet, so I don’t know which teams I’m on. My ankle should be better to do solos for the Oireachtas (I can run now!), and because I’m doing solos I’m also expected to do teams. School rule. Thanks for asking!

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