Today is my last day of my first physical therapy script, so naturally my ankle chooses today to be visibly swollen and constantly mildly uncomfortable.

Like I needed another reminder that I’m not 100% ready to dance.

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Hypothesis: Sara can dance in her hard shoes with her ankle brace on because her ankle is healed enough at this point.

Results: In her 20 minute session, Sara found that she can dance her set with frequent stops between sections. 2nd and 3rd treble jig steps can be danced lightly all the way through one side at a time. She still needs to come up with a treble reel for an upcoming comic con, but is horrible at choreographing dances. Her ankle brace has seams that are falling apart, and needs to ask her podiatrist about a new one. No ankle pain.

tl;dr I can dance now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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aka how to not lose your mind while injured because you can’t dance. Or maybe how to become a fitter dancer.

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I’m super excited to to share today’s post on Rince go Bragh in 30 minutes when it’s published. Like legit excited because I like sharing things and I hope it will be helpful to you.

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Today at physical therapy, I jumped!

I think this is a big milestone because two months ago I had some reconstructive surgery on my ankle ligaments, so watch out Oireachtas here I come.

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Same, little guy

Art by Shannon Kincaid :)


Same, little guy

Art by Shannon Kincaid :)


Amazing Shannon Kincaid painting of Claire Greaney after winning one of her many All-Ireland titles


Amazing Shannon Kincaid painting of Claire Greaney after winning one of her many All-Ireland titles

Let throw it back to 2008, almost exactly a year after I started dance. Back to my novice/prizewinner days. Still when I was with my old dance studio (now closed).

Hurry the Jug was my first non-traditional set, and this has it all: iffy choreography for my dancing level, technique issues, missing beats, and tripping at the end. This set is seriously a beaut. Hardshoe was a big struggle for me.

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Hello beautiful dancers!

Can you help a girl out? I’m looking for a video of the molyneaux blackbird but just the set part! I already have the sean nos version that I posted a while back but I was hoping to find a more competition-esque version because they do switches instead of tips and all sorts of other things that are throwing me off.  If anyone knows it or knows someone who knows it and would be willing to post or send me a video I’ll love you forever!  or maybe just promo your blog.

Is this what you’re looking for?

I’ve been feeling a tad like a celebrity of late because of different social media spotlights, all involving my solo dress! Find out more of the story on Rince go Bragh.

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Anonymous asked: "Do you think your dance school will send senior ceilis/figures to worlds in Canada? And would you be interested to go if you were selected?"

Yeah, it’s definitely possible. If I’m invited to be on a team, I’ll certainly go.

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where can I buy an awesome 90’s/vintage Irish dance dress

I was super patient and browsed Dance Again and until one I liked came along. Also, sometimes Etsy has winners.

They say Irish dancing is feet of fire and body of ice


The older I get, the more I’m convinced that it’s actually the dance of icing my feet and fire everywhere else.  SENIOR LADY OUT.