Side Stage with Riverdance


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thenameisfer asked: "I just wanted to say that I looooove tour dress 😍 it inspired me to draw a Loki one 😊"

How cool! Maybe your Loki dress will one day become a reality!

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Anonymous asked: "In the video you posted last week are you practicing in a racquetball court? if so do your hard shoes leave marks and is the facility ok with you doing hard shoe? is the floor slippery? Thanks!"

Yes, I was in a racquetball court. I didn’t practice in there for the whole session, just because there’s a mirror in the fitness center where I live. My shoes didn’t really mark up the floor because of it. It’s a bit slippery. I didn’t really ask permission to dance in there. I figured if I get called out and they want me to stop, it’d be easier to ask forgiveness.

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4 Min to a HOT BODY Workout. But it’s truly less whole body and more abs holy frack.

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I entered an instagram contest during comic con with my solo dress, won the grand prize, and it just came in the mail today. And HOLY FRACK I DIDN’T KNOW IT WOULD BE SIGNED BY THE CAST I AM DEAD.

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Anonymous asked: "Would you ever try a batman costume or spider man?"

I haven’t really considered it just because Cap is my spirit animal. My boyfriend’s favorite is Spider-Man, so I’ll be leaving that for him to cosplay. I’m not all that in to Batman.

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HALP. I’m planning on doing this thing I made up as a showpiece at an upcoming comic con. Okay so I’m entering a costume contest with my solo dress and hope that I’ll be able to dance on stage during the judging.

Right now it’s okay, but I want it to have pizzaz, so my question to you is what even should I do with my arms???

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Sometimes, I get commissions. And sometimes, they are from a ceili team #irishdance


Sometimes, I get commissions. And sometimes, they are from a ceili team #irishdance

Did you guys know that I have an Esty store? I make quilts for fun. Sometimes I sell them. Sometimes I take commissions. Maybe you want one that I have made?

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Today is my last day of my first physical therapy script, so naturally my ankle chooses today to be visibly swollen and constantly mildly uncomfortable.

Like I needed another reminder that I’m not 100% ready to dance.

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Hypothesis: Sara can dance in her hard shoes with her ankle brace on because her ankle is healed enough at this point.

Results: In her 20 minute session, Sara found that she can dance her set with frequent stops between sections. 2nd and 3rd treble jig steps can be danced lightly all the way through one side at a time. She still needs to come up with a treble reel for an upcoming comic con, but is horrible at choreographing dances. Her ankle brace has seams that are falling apart, and needs to ask her podiatrist about a new one. No ankle pain.

tl;dr I can dance now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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aka how to not lose your mind while injured because you can’t dance. Or maybe how to become a fitter dancer.

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I’m super excited to to share today’s post on Rince go Bragh in 30 minutes when it’s published. Like legit excited because I like sharing things and I hope it will be helpful to you.

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